Superdrug Takes A Stand Against Tampon Tax

Photographed by Rockie Nolan
The high street chemist Superdrug is fighting the good fight against the Treasury’s 5% VAT tax on sanitary products by devising a scheme that means anyone who buys their own-brand tampons and towels will receive between three and 10 in-store loyalty points as a way of making reparations for the mark up. Superdrug said each point - equalling a penny to spend in store - will offset what is given to the Treasury in VAT. In total the Treasury collects £15 million a year in VAT from sanitary products. In the last spending review, George Osborne promised to give money made from the VAT to women's charities. The products, unlike mens' razors, aren’t deemed “essential” and so fall under the “luxury” bracket making them susceptible to taxing. Gemma Mason, Superdrug head of customer service, told The Independent, “We are hopeful that the rules will change in the future, until then we are delighted to give a little back to our customers.”

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