The Skinny, Episode 2: Bigger

appearance by Jessie Kahnweiler.
The Skinny is an R29 original dark comedy series that follows feminist wannabe YouTube star Jessie (Jessie Kahnweiler) as she explores love, life, and friendship in L.A. — while struggling with bulimia.
Jessie is so over Cole and removes his aura from the apartment with a mix of sage, trash bags, and vision boards. The new Jessie makes a party appearance so that she can network with the help of her much taller, much thinner friend Brie — both of whom agree that her codependency with Cole was not flattering. The girls end up meeting Stewart, an overzealous digital content creator. He then invites both of them back to his place to eat snacks, mainly prosciutto.
Somewhere between a fresh breakup and reading the constant negative comments on her YouTube channel, Jessie realises her apartment cleanse isn't going to fix everything in her life.
Stewart directs his attention to Brie, leaving Jessie by herself to pick up the pieces of her own insecurities by doing the only thing that makes her feel better.
Watch as Jessie vouches for her brand while trying to mould herself into something that is sellable.
If you're struggling with an eating disorder, you're not alone. The Beat (Beating Eating Disorders) Helpline can be reached on 0345 634 1414 (Adult Helpline) or 0345 634 7650 (Youthline).
As heard in this episode:
Artist: The Julie Ruin, "Oh Come On"
Artist: JP, "Play That Back," "Optagon"
Artist: Sweaty Dune, "Bathroom Party," "Coke Party"
Artist: Susan, "Just Call It"

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