Kylie Jenner Proudly Shows Off Her Scar On The Cover Of GQ

Update: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott got their own cover of GQ this month, which features Jenner in a bathing suit with one leg draped over her partner and father to their new baby, Stormi. And with the focus on her leg comes a renewed interest in her thigh scar, which Jenner has proudly shown off throughout the years.
According to a 2011 fan interview with Jenner, she got the scar when she was five years old while playing hide and seek with sister Kendall. Now, it's one of the most recognizable ways she practices self-love to her 111.2 million Instagram followers — and whoever buys this issue.
This article was originally published on December 10, 2015.
Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner took a break from posting selfies on her Instagram to add a photo of her upper thigh. A long scar, running down the outside of her leg, is fully on display. A far less posed photo than what we're used to from King Kylie, the post appears to have been taken on a whim, in what looks like a hair and makeup room. The caption, with nary a hashtag in sight, simply reads, "I love my scar."
While she doesn't talk about it all the time, a look back through (the many, many) photos of Jenner show that she's never tried to hide the rather sizeable scar. Basically, if her thigh is going to show, so will the marking on it.
In a 2011 fan interview, Jenner recounted how she got the scar in the first place, and it's pretty sweet, if not every parent's nightmare: "When I was about five, my sister and I were playing hide and seek and I hid inside this really tall enclosed gate," she begins. "When my sister didn’t find me I had to climb up on this sharp pole sticking out from the gate. I slipped and the pole went into my leg. I tried pulling away to get the pole out but it just tore through my whole leg."
I highly recommend clicking through to read the Q&A, if only for the throwback photo at the top of the article — she truly was living in a pre-Lip Kit, pre-contouring world.
Jenner's post isn't just a call to love your body and the stories it carries. It's also a reminder that Kylie was once a little girl who did basic stuff like play hide and seek, before she sold out the aforementioned Lip Kit, before she posed in a wheelchair, even before Tyga entered the picture (which, as everyone knows, was when he performed for Kendall's sweet 16).
Thanks for the post, Kylie, and for setting the record straight for anyone who doubted your self-love. And on an earnest note, this is a great reminder that scars tell stories about important moments in our lives — and we should be proud of them.

I love my scar

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