3 Last-Minute Sheet Costumes For “My Halloween Party Is In An Hour” Situations

The sheet ghost might just be the most classic lazy Halloween costume there is. If you've got a sheet (we hope you do), and a pair of scissors, your costume is set — even if you've only got five minutes to make it. However, in the pursuit of doing better (in the same amount of time), we've got three more options for you. As the video above will demonstrate, there's a whole lot more you can do with a sheet. Watch and learn.
Greek Yogurt
Wrap a sheet around your body like a toga. Then, rummage around your jewelry drawer for a necklace you can wrap around your head like a lariat. Finally, pin a sash or button that proclaims your yogurt brand of choice (cough**FAGE**cough). I Woke Up Like This
Put on your dumpiest pair of pyjamas and then pin a sheet to your body. Using a hot glue gun, affix a cheap pillow to some dowels (or a clothes hanger!) and straps to create a back-pack-like contraption. Then, mess up your hair and let your mascara run. Look familiar? Chic Ghost Costume
Cut out your eyes, attach a hot pair of lips and a false eyelashes, and pile on the jewellery. Pro tip: to make sure your eyeholes stay in place, pin the top of the sheet to a beanie, and wear that on top of your head.

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