The Best Makeup Must-Haves For People With Fair Skin

Photographed by Julia Robbs
With the recent increase in knowledge about sun damage and the risks therein, tanning practises (unless faux, of course) have fallen out of favour. In fact, more of us are now embracing our natural skin tones.
Women with extremely fair skin are finally having their moment in the sun again (well, metaphorically speaking), thanks to celebrities like Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, and the Fanning sisters to name a few. They really know how to make their red-carpet beauty looks work with their fair skin.
There is, after all, a certain amount of effort involved in maintaining fair skin. Not only is it important to wear at least SPF 30 every day to protect your complexion, but it can often be a headache trying to find the right makeup. It can be hard to find a shade of blush or lipstick that won't look clownish against fair skin, and things like foundation and bronzer often look fine in the store but then quickly take on an orange cast on the skin.
Ahead, find a roundup of the best cosmetics for the super-fair, as well as some handy tips. Just don't forget the SPF.

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