10 Of The Hottest Nail Artists To Name Drop

Before 2008 we can only imagine we were all walking around with sorry excuses for nails. Why? Because Sharmadean Reid was yet to have filed the way for the biggest beauty trend of the last decade - the jazzed up manicure. (FYI, check out the latest WAH London Digi Sticker Kit for the perfect Christmas present for any of your girlfriends who never leave the house without a shiny set of tens.)
Since 2008 when her cult nail salon WAH nails opened its polished doors on East London’s Kingsland Road, London girls have never looked back. Then Hollywood followed. From Rihanna, to Katy Perry via Lupita Nyong’o and Beyonce, nails took centre stage. From almond shaped and blood-red, to leopard print and pointy, or rounded and nude, the way you wear you nails says a lot about you in 2015.
If you feel like you’ve seen enough decorated nail beds for one lifetime, we’re here to tell you otherwise. It’s time to get acquainted with the new guard of manicure magicians who are taking the fancy finger with them into 2016…