7 Eco-Friendly Swaps for Greener Spring Cleaning

A bottle of Bleu Lavande Surface Cleaner on a green and purple background
Most years, spring cleaning is a chore. But in 2021, scrubbing, dusting, and re-organizing are all certified pandemic pastimes. (What the hell else are we going to do with our weekends?) While we’re spending more time than ever in our houses, the urge to make them sparkle is real. Plus, it’s hard not to notice those dust bunnies now that we’re hanging out with them 24/7.
But how “clean” are your cleaning products themselves? Conventionally, they’re loaded with chemicals that can scrub the ring out of your bathtub, sure, but also pollute the air and end up in waterways. For example, triclosan and phthalates are common ingredients that can harm aquatic life after they go down your drain. Adding to the environmental ills, the cleaning industry is notorious for single-use items (we’re looking at you, paper towel) and plastic packaging.
Fortunately, there are more green cleaning product options than ever, including several made right here in Canada. There are reusable and compostable tools to solve our wipe-and-toss habit, formulas that boast natural ingredients such as citric acid or essential oils, refillable bottles, and — better yet — concentrates that cut back on packaging altogether. That said, if you’re looking for something to tackle COVID-19 on high-touch surfaces, stick to Health Canada’s list of recommended disinfectants. They go a step beyond cleaners by killing germs rather than simply removing them.)
Ready for an eventful Saturday of sink-polishing and bed-stripping? Here are seven easy, eco-friendly swaps you can make for your next deep clean. And don’t worry; they still pack all that grime-busting power you’re after — promise.
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