The Best Hairstyles At Coachella Were Perfectly Pastel

Coachella is a lot of things: hot as hell, fun AF, and full of interesting people from all over the world. It's also super colourful. This year, colour was heavily present in various parts of the festival, from the multi-tiered Spectra art installation to the food station setups. Of course, the colourful theme went beyond the festival infrastructure.
Festival-goers painted the Indio, California grounds in rainbow shades with their neon outfits and iridescent face shimmer. Pastel hair colour also dominated the heads of Coachella party people, making it one of the biggest beauty trends at this year's event.
Mint greens, muted lavenders, and cotton-candy pinks were present in various looks from bejewelled braids, buzzcuts, box braids, and faux locs. Before we flocked to see Cardi B and Selena Gomez belt out Taki Taki, we stopped to take photos of our favourite pastel hairstyles. Check them out ahead.

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