What To Add To Your Netflix Canada Watch List When You’re On Mat Leave

Jenny Slate - Photo Courtesy of: JoJo Whilden/Netflix
The image I have of maternity leave is one of me laying on a couch while a cute baby sleeps on my chest and unlimited episodes of Elite or Grey’s Anatomy or WHATEVER I WANT flicker in the background because I have so much time to sleep, play with my child and watch TV. That’s how mat leave works, right? Can you tell I’m not a mom?
Before you yell at me, I know keeping an infant alive is hard work — the hardest work — but I also know (via friends) that during those glorious moments when the baby is asleep, but you can’t, you know, go to da club, Netflix can be your saving grace.
So, here’s a curated list of titles just for you to watch on Netflix Canada during your maternity leave.

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