Elite Season 2 Is Somehow Even Hotter Than The First

Photo: Courtesy of netflix.
Warning: Major Elite spoilers ahead.
As if a season of corruption, murder, and throuples wasn't enough, Elite is coming back to add even more to your "Things I Apparently Missed Out On In High School" list. On September 6, the Spanish soap opera returns for season 2. In addition to a teaser released earlier this week, Netflix has released the first photos from what already looks like a salacious next installment of the murder (now-no-longer-a) mystery.
Season 1 ended with an answer the question set up in the very first episode: Who killed Marina (María Pedraza)? By episode 8, we learn it was the victim's brother’s BFF Polo (Álvaro Rico), exonerating her boyfriend Nano (Jaime Lorente), who was falsely accused. However, justice hasn't officially been served. While the audience now knows the truth, it hasn't travelled through the rest of the school.
That could be the storyline we're looking forward to this season, but the teaser is keeping its lips sealed. It mostly consists of shots of each of the characters in moody lighting, and it's like, I get it, they're all hotter than me.
As for the photos? They give a few more clues, including an introduction to a mysterious, curly-haired new character who appears to be a pot-stirrer, holding back Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau). This character is possibly dating Lu (Danna Paola), if that picture of them in the car is anything to go by.
The bad news is these photos make us wonder if Christian (Miguel Herrán) is as big a part of this season since he's barely present in this first crop. Luckily Ander (Arón Piper) and Omar (Omar Ayuso) still look cute. As for Polo, he seems more sus than ever, but I can only assume there's still a whole new web to untangle before we get any more answers.

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