Everything Coming To Netflix Canada In November

Photo: Courtesy of David Lee/Netflix
I’m not an early Christmas decorator. In fact, if I see a holiday ornament before mid-November, I physically recoil. Because of this, I try to avoid malls from Halloween until American Thanksgiving. Oh, and Christmas carols? Don’t start with that shit until AT LEAST Dec. 1. My halls will not be decked until a seasonally appropriate date, thank you very much! I know, I know, I sound like a Grinch, but there is one exception to my pre-Christmas Scrooge tendencies: the joyous genre that is the holiday romantic comedy. I will watch every Christmas rom-com I can as soon as winter gives the slightest hint that it’s coming (so, October). Last year’s underrated hit of the season, The Holiday Calendar, is already on heavy rotation.
Luckily, this month Netflix has us covered — well, those of us who crave kisses in the snow, flirting under mistletoe and plotlines about a stressed career woman who moves from a big city to a small town to find true love with a scruffy handyman...but not until the third act...and also at Christmas. I promise not all my Netflix picks this month will be holiday rom-coms. There are so many good offerings that even I will take a break from the schmaltz for some exciting titles.
Here’s what to watch on Netflix Canada in November, plus everything that’s coming and going.

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