Netflix (Canada) & Chill With These 10 New Weekend Treats

Photo: Courtesy of Tom Dymond.
Now that summer’s here and more and more of us are fully vaccinated, everything’s hotter and heavier to make up for the year we lost. With that comes the triumphant return of "Netflix and Chill." The latest additions to the streaming platform’s roster run the hot and bothered gamut: from Too Hot To Handle, where desire is all but forbidden, to Sex/Life, a scripted drama that revolves around an old flame. Whether or not you think an at-home movie night (and all that it implies) qualifies as a date, it’s an undeniably effective litmus test to make sure your potential partner’s taste in TV and movies is up to par. It seems like a minor detail, but the inability to agree on what to watch has the potential to make or break a situationship
If you plan on penciling in your latest flings for a streaming sesh, be sure to add these new offerings to your watch list. Keep reading for the lowdown on these Netflix and Chill-friendly treats.

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