You Have 10 New Netflix Canada Treats To Watch This Weekend

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
This week on Netflix Canada, there’s no shortage of a) newness to stream and b) complicated characters to get wrapped up in. The idea of the antihero is layered — we’re expected to root for their success, but be ultra-critical of their flaws. On HBO Max’s buzzy new miniseries The White Lotus, we saw resort manager Armond (Murray Bartlett) go from delightfully snarky to dangerously vengeful yet somehow, I was still hoping he’d come out on top (whatever that means within the context of the show’s beautiful-yet-miserable Hawaiian resort). 
Flawed as this line of thinking may be, it can easily be applied to this week’s crop of new releases. For instance, the new episodes of Grace and Frankie grapple with the fallout from Grace’s (Jane Fonda) ill-fated marriage to Nick (Peter Gallagher) after he gets arrested for securities fraud and tax evasion. Yes, he committed these crimes and yes, he admitted to being a subpar parent, but he and Grace make a very hot couple! When Joker came out in 2019, some critics were uncomfortable with the film’s attempt to get audiences to sympathize with someone so sinister — and potentially problematic. But that’s the nature of the antihero: imperfect characters appear more bearable because the story’s structure hinges on the audience siding with them. After all, aren’t we all easier on ourselves when we tell stories from our own point-of-view? 
With this in mind, there’s a lot to take in when getting acquainted with this week’s  complicated and colourful characters. From Taron Edgerton’s take on Elton John in Rocketman to Sandra Oh’s small screen return as Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim in The Chair, read on for the lowdown on Netflix Canada's latest.

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