Everything Coming To Netflix Canada In May

Photo: Courtesy of Skip Bolen/NETFLIX.
Usually, around this time of year, I would be trying to convince you that it’s okay if you just want to stay inside and binge television even though the weather is getting nicer. I’d tell you that there’s no guilt in cancelling plans in nature to curl up on your couch to Netflix and No Regrets. Now, mainlining episodes of your favourite shows instead of socializing is a guilt-free activity because it’s our only activity. 
If bingeing in the time of quarantine has taught us anything, it’s that it’s a good thing every month there are plenty of new streaming options to keep us busy. March and April delivered two docuseries that Twitter couldn’t get enough of (Tiger King and The Last Dance), a deliciously soapy teen series (Outer Banks), and a splashy dating reality show (Too Hot To Handle) that gave us enough drama to distract us from the fact that we’re probably going to be stuck inside for a lot longer.
This month looks even better: Here’s what's new on Netflix Canada in May, plus everything that’s coming and going.

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