9 Women Share Their Major Lockdown Hair Transformations

Lockdown is easing and with hairdressers across the world open again (even if it feels a bit different with social distancing and your stylist wearing a welder's mask), women are busy booking in to get their hair done after months at home hibernating.
With many of us going au naturel since we were told to stay at home in March – letting our greys grow out, or just dumping the hairdryer and curling iron and embracing low-maintenance life for a few months — now feels like the time for a big change. And now that we get to see each other again, why not turn heads with a dramatic new do? 
Some brave souls, who couldn’t wait it out for the professionals to return, took lockdown as an opportunity to experiment with at-home colour (a fraction of the price of a trip to the salon) or faithfully followed YouTube tutorials to give themselves and their family members a badly needed trim.
Whether it’s a DIY dye job or pro pixie cut, we spoke to nine women who, for very different reasons, decided it was time for a hair transformation. Ready to see the results?
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