13 Short Haircut Ideas For When You Need A Fresh Start

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There's never a good time for a breakup. Though realistically, the first week of January is the time of year when couples start taking stock of their relationship. Of course, it makes sense that how you feel going into the new year is very telling. Perhaps you're bubbling with happy butterflies in your stomach as you think about bringing your S.O. home to meet your family in March. Or, on the flip side, you decide it's best to pump the breaks or make a clean split before it's all heart-shaped chocolate in February.
When cuffing season suddenly turns to Chinese food for one — à la Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson — the best way to move on with total confidence, in Ari's Thank U, Next style, is to make a salon appointment for a breakup cut. And in this case, stick to the mantra: the shorter, the chicer.
Ahead, we've compiled a comprehensive list of short hair inspiration ranging in length from blunt bobs to razored pixies. Whether you're looking for a new look to bring into 2019 or a breakup-fueled style to manifest your clean slate, scroll through to find the cut that'll have you amped to chop it all off.
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A Piece-y Pixie

If you've been considering a shorter cut, the choppy pixie is one of the most versatile.
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A short cut acts as a frame for your face, bringing your eyes, lips, and feathered brows into focus.
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A soft pixie cut will give you a fresh vibe, while maintaining just enough length on the top to play with.
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A Blunt Chop

When you're itching for a change — after a breakup or with the start of new year — freshly chopped ends will mirror a metaphorical clean slate.
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Shiny gold hoops, a soft red lip, a little texture spray — it's all you need to show off your new look.
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The vibe gets exponentially cooler when you add some unpolished bends through the mid-lengths of the bob... and a badass smize.
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A Soft, Textured Undercut

If you're going for a new shape — something that feels both soft and dramatic at the same time — a soft undercut is where it's at. It's a play on the soft undercut and is best for thick hair that needs some weight removal, since the style will naturally thin out the hair with the added layers on top.
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There's an an element of fun that's infused into the round, chin-shimming cut that L.A.-based hairstylist Sal Salcedo has dubbed the "Spanish bob."
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There's a delicacy to the way natural curls spill down around the face with this short, shapely cut.
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Shaved Short

The piece de resistance of the short cuts — a shaved hairstyle is all about how you wear it. Which should be with total confidence.
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There's something innately striking about a woman rocking a partially shaved haircut — you almost can't look away.
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For a little more drama, you can buzz the sides and the back of the head, then spike up the longer pieces at the top.
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Add white blonde bleach and a dab of Cloud Paint on your cheekbones — and you'll be radiating the cool girl glow.

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