Cheap & Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes With Only 5 Ingredients

Photo courtesy of Five Ingredient Vegan/Luke Albert.
How is it that a simple 'popping to the shops for dinner' can end up with you coming back with 17 items and a receipt for the same grand total as a meal in a posh restaurant?
Katy Beskow, a vegan cookery tutor and author is here to help you with that. Her previous three books were all about vegan recipes that take just 15 minutes and her new book, Five Ingredient Vegan, is made up of similarly easy concoctions but this time with only five ingredients each – meaning you don't need to go overboard at the shops. Also, none of those five ingredients is nigh on impossible-to-find seitan.
Ahead, Katy has gifted us three of these below-budget recipes.
P.S. For those of you who might look at some of these recipes and go "Hm, actually there are more than five ingredients here," the extras are only ever oil, salt and pepper, and if you don't have those in your cupboards already then quite frankly we need to have a word.

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