Everything Coming To Netflix Canada In November

Photo: Annapurna/STX/Kobal/Shutterstock.
November marks the intersection of two of my favourite times of year: when it becomes socially acceptable to get excited for the holidays and, to channel Moira Rose, awards show season. Both of these moments make for excellent pop culture, whether it’s the impending influx of the buzziest, most Oscar bait-y fare the year has to offer, or a barrage of festive rom-coms that are delightfully cheesy. 
This month on Netflix Canada, we’ll find plenty of both. There’s The Princess Switch: Romancing the Star, which, at this point, is Vanessa Hudgens’ one-woman holiday version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There’s also Hustlers, which, yes, is technically a crime drama about strippers who steal, but it’s also a stealth Christmas movie (trust me). On the other hand, there’s Passing — Rebecca Hall’s prestige-y directorial debut exploring race and gender that stars Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga — and Tick, Tick...Boom, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first feature that adapts late composer and playwright Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical. 
Are you team festive cheer or team awards — or do you wholeheartedly embrace both, like me? Read on for more of what’s coming to Netflix Canada this November to decide.

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