Bachelor Nation May Never Recover From This Week’s Bachelorette Elimination

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Major spoilers are ahead. Katie Thurston didn't just send home a fan favourite on the July 12 episode of The Bachelorette — she sent home a house favourite, too. Everyone was devastated to see Connor "The Cat" Brennan eliminated, including his fellow contestants. It's rare for that to happen, because usually someone going home means less competition for the rest of them. But these men adored Brennan. And that made this elimination all the more devastating.
Thurston had nothing but good things to say, too. She was heartbroken over the decision to send Brennan home, stating that she thought he was such a good guy, but they just didn't have the romantic spark she'd hoped for. She said that when they kissed, she felt like something was missing. Poor Brennan interpreted that to mean he was a terrible kisser, but we're pretty sure Thurston just meant they didn't have that necessary chemistry. Whether Brennan goes on to do Bachelor in Paradise or The Bachelor or just goes back to dating IRL, he'll no doubt have legions of fans vying to prove his newfound insecurity wrong.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Usually when contestants are sent home, they get right in the limo and leave. A member of production then comes to pick up their luggage. But Brennan must have asked to say goodbye to his friends, because he rejoined the rest of the cast for a farewell before heading out. The emotional moment showed many of the other men tearing up at the news that Brennan would be leaving. 
In his few weeks on the show, Brennan made an impact on the house and in the fan base. The Nashville math teacher/musician first charmed his way into everyone's hearts when she showed up in a silly cat costume on premiere night. He continued to woo everyone alongside Thurston when he would do sweet things like write a Thurston a love song or give her little notes.
It's devastating, but if the chemistry isn't there, it's not there. Thurston did the kindest thing by not leading him on any longer. Now he has a whole bunch of new friends and fans, and just like a cat he will likely land on his feet. Now he's just gotta find someone who's that purr-fect fit. Bachelor Nation, however, may take a little longer to recover from this heartbreak...

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