Sexy Beasts Is Netflix’s Baffling New Dating Show

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
It makes perfect sense that we’re at a point in dating show history where singles are being transformed into life-sized animals with the help of Hollywood prosthetics.
Long gone are the days of Chuck Barris' The Dating Game, where a bachelorette chooses her potential suitor solely by their responses to questions like, “What happens as soon as the sun goes down?” The long evolution of finding love on TV has left the ‘80’s questionnaires behind, and instead modern singles have opted for more experimental approaches. Netflix’s newly announced Sexy Beast may be the most experimental one of all. 
We could blame Sexy Beasts on the weirdness of Love Is Blind, which saw couples proposing without ever seeing each other, the uncomfortable desperation of MTV’s Are You The One which urged singles to find their perfect match with thousands of dollars on the line, or the strange sexual tension of Too Hot To Handle, which forced horny sun seekers to refrain from physical touch. And, while it isn’t a dating show, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that The Masked Singer walked so Netflix’s new show, Sexy Beasts could run — no weird animal pun intended. 
Premiering on July 21, the series introduces a handful of singles on a quest to find love while in full costumes to look like animals including a wolf, panda, rhino, and even a devil. If it sounds like something from a strange animal kingdom storyline, you’re not wrong. The show challenges the way people value physical appearance over personality as one contestant alludes to when she asks her partner, “What if I pick you and I’m not what you expect underneath?” 
As strange as this show is, its dating show lineage thoroughly prepped us into being surprisingly intrigued by the trailer. If nothing else, let's take a moment to appreciate the sheer talent of the makeup, hair, and costume teams. Sexy Beasts is so random that it almost makes perfect sense.
Check out the trailer below.

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