Even TikToker Extraordinaire Addison Rae Can’t Teach Kim Kardashian How To Dance

Photo: MEGA/GC Images.
While the new season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians may be heading towards coverage of some dramatic new developments in the family, it’s also seeing the KarJenners have a lot of fun. Here to help liven up the final installment in the reality show’s last chapter is one Addison Rae, and her next appearance on KUWTK involves a herculean task: teaching Kim Kardashian how to dance. 
Rae’s first cameo on the show wasn’t exactly received well by the stars, who were initially skeptical about her confusingly close relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. But it looks that everyone’s come to terms with Rae being a part of the gang, so much so that they’re now relying on the TikToker’s expertise to help Kim get her groove back.
In a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of KUWTK, Rae and Kim link up for an impromptu dance lesson, with an enthusiastic Khloé cheering them on from the sidelines. Kim can do many things, but dancing is not her strong suit. Even before the lesson officially begins, the SKIMS founder is a bundle of nerves, but she’s hopeful that she might be able to at least pick up a move or two.
“Listen, I’m no dancer — I’m not claiming to be,” Kim says. “But if anyone’s going to make me look good, it’s Addison."
Getting Kim to loosen up is a lot harder than you’d think, because she's surprisingly shy and more conservative. ("It's super hoe-y, and I wanna be more cutesy!") As Rae goes through the moves step by step, Kim can’t help but cringe at the body rolls and twerking, which her teacher takes note of and adjusts to her comfort level. Ultimately, Kim is able to get through the brief tutorial. Ever the good student, she promises that she'll take what she's learned and keep practicing on her own, when and where no one can see her.
Longtime fans of KUWTK know that the reality star absolutely chafes at the thought of dancing in front of people — who could forget the especially embarrassing pole dancing class she took with her mom and former friends Larsa Pippen and Blac Chyna?
She's no Jalaiah Harmon or Jordan Ray, but I think we can at least give Kim points for making an effort. Baby have to walk before you Renegade.
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