10 Trending Paint Colours For Your Home That Aren’t White

Photo: Courtesy of Sherwin Williams.
When I first moved into my condo, I painted over the builder's white paint with another shade of white (Behr's Bit Of Sugar PR-W14). I love how it gave me a blank canvas for my decor, and created a uniform feel in a linear one-bedroom unit. But now, after spending over 365 days staring at those same very white walls, I'm feeling more adventurous. I’m craving….colour.
Turns out, I’m not alone. According to Sue Wadden, director of colour marketing at Sherwin-Williams, there’s been a shift from the all-white trend over the last year. One of the reasons? People are looking for a bit of depth in their video call backgrounds. Plus, if you’re looking for a way to refresh your home and make the space feel new without the hassle (and cost) of moving, painting can be a relatively affordable way to do so.
With a rainbow of colours to choose from, figuring out which colour to paint your walls is the first step in your home décor journey. Still, don’t let your coworker’s vivid fuschia accent wall fool you —  moderation is key. Whether you're deciding to paint the entire home, or just want to give one room a fresh coat of paint, Wadden suggests using a maximum of five colours in a space. Before you paint, lay out the swatches you’re planning to use as the primary colour, for the trim, and then three to five accent colours that can be pulled throughout to create a cohesive palette. 
Once you’ve decided on colours, you need to pick finishes and sheens. Brenda Danso, of Toronto-based BD Interiors, recommends a high or semi-gloss for busier areas like the kitchen, trim, and doors because it is easier to clear, but prefers a flat for the ceiling because it is not reflective. When in doubt, she favours eggshell (also written as eg-shel) because it washes well and has a beautiful velvety appearance. 
To serve as an inspiration for your weekend painting project, here are 10 trending paint colours for your home that aren’t white.

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