The Buzziest Show & Movies To Watch On Netflix Canada This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of NETFLIX.
Are you in the midst of a streaming slump? If you’re anything like me, you find it very easy to fall into the habit of bingeing episodes that you’ve already seen of shows that you’ve already finished watching. I’m at the point where I’ve timed the musical cues on Insecure down to the second and I know all of Issa Rae’s raps by heart. It’s not that I’m out of things to watch, it’s that I have no interest in diving into anything new. I would chalk it up to spending a year in quarantine, but I’ve been known to slump pre-pandemic, too. It tends to come up when I’m in unfamiliar or uncomfortable emotional territory — like after a breakup, for instance. I turn to all of my comfort streams when I’m heartbroken. It's like reuniting with old friends through the screen, which doesn’t sound far-fetched at all these days. 
This time, I can’t attribute my current streaming slump to a breakup, either. I'm about to graduate from university, which means a lot of uncertainty. For a lot of grads right now, the relief of never having to fill out another Scantron for the rest of our days is eclipsed by the terrifying world that we’re catapulting into. I know that I’ll be ready for whatever awaits, but I’m wrapping myself in the security blanket that is my "Watch This Again" category on Netflix until I have to come face-to-face with whatever is on the other side of my undergrad. 
If you’re looking to pull yourself out of a streaming slump this weekend, here are the best new, new-ish, and just plain good things to watch on Netflix Canada.

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