You Have 10 New Netflix Canada Treats To Watch This Weekend

Photo: Courtesy of Benjamin Loeb/Netflix.
I was apprehensive about making resolutions for 2021. I’ve spent many a New Year's Day trying to vision board, journal and intention-set my way to my most productive, accomplished self. But if the past year has taught me anything, it’s that plans change — big time. It’s hard to picture what things will look like six weeks from now, let alone six months. At this point, I just want to survive! Staying afloat is a resolution all on its own.
But while I’m not setting my usual goals for 2021, I am grounding myself in gratitude and celebrating at every step — like mastering a new yoga pose or not burning my DIY croissants. The fact that we’ve made it this far is more than enough of a reason to pat ourselves on the back and make some time for self-care, whether that’s working out, ordering in, or giving yourself an entire day to watch Netflix.
To get the year started on a good foot, here are some new, new-ish, and just plain good movies and shows on Netflix Canada that you can check out this weekend.

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