Here’s What Happened To Every Couple From Dating Around Season 2

On Netflix's Dating Around, a happy ending doesn't mean marriage or even an engagement ring: it's just a second date. Each episode follows an eligible single as they grab dinner and drinks with five people, and at the end, they have the option of asking one person for a round two. Naturally, many of these relationships don't make it past the second or the third date, but it's still easy to root for some of the show's couples, even though our time with each lead is limited to one half-hour segment.
"Romance for me isn’t about the second date," producer Alycia Rossiter told Refinery29. "Romance is possibility. I think the ending of our show is possibility." Maybe that's why it feels so satisfying to see episode 3's Deva and Maria bike off into the sunset (well, the afternoon) together. And maybe that's why it's so heartwarming to watch episode 5's Brandon and Justin plan a second date, even though Justin has plans to move in a matter of days. We might not know what will happen beyond date two, but that's not the point of the show.
Still, that doesn't mean we aren't eager to hear how their second dates went. Each contestant's Instagram is currently inundated with questions about their love lives; episode 4's Heather even joked about it in a recent caption. "#AREYOU&ERNESTOTOGETHER," she wrote, echoing half her comments.
Some of the daters have since moved on from their Dating Around picks, some have stayed completely quiet, and at least one season 2 couple fell in love. Based on some Instagram and Twitter deep dives, here's everything we know about who might still be together.

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