Your June Horoscope

Temperatures and emotions rise on June 5, as the Moon waxes full in Sagittarius during a lunar eclipse. We’ll feel the effects intensely, and our needs and desires will be revealed, making it a good time to reprioritize our responsibilities. This transit is opposed by charming Venus in retrograde, and forms a square against warrior Mars. We’ll need to practise patience with loved ones. On June 18, Mercury begins his second retrograde of the year in Cancer, calling us to slow down until he moves direct again on July 12. We're encouraged to be careful with our words, and place more value on rest. The messenger's path is a positive one, as he's influenced by Sirius, a star representing status, luck, fortune, and fame. It’s a good time to create a new routine that supports our minds and ambitions. We're able to get more comfortable at home starting June 20, as the Sun illuminates the watery sign of Cancer. By protecting ourselves in our safe spaces, we can nurture our creative sides and blossom. The Moon influences us during this transit, so keep a note of her phases as you reflect on the status of your emotions. On June 21, a Solar Eclipse greets us in Cancer, offering a chance to start fresh. This new Moon phase is a powerful opportunity for us to sort out our responsibilities, as it forms a quincunx with Saturn. We have a chance to practice accepting what we cannot change. Illusion-loving Neptune moves retrograde in Pisces on June 23, creating a shift in perspective. A veil has been lifted, and making it easier for us to confront phobias and find solutions. We're encouraged to take care of our bodies and minds as Neptune moves in reverse. Focus on gaining strength, until the planet of dreams moves direct again in Pisces on November 28. We're feeling more open and ready to give love starting June 25, when charming Venus moves direct in Gemini. Use this transit to enjoy dressing up — and glowing up. June 27 brings a new burst of spontaneity, as ambitious Mars makes his way into feisty Aries. We’ll enjoy a burst of confidence when Mars moves through this fiery sign, making it a great time to get competitive and challenge ourselves. 

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