Listen To Your Heart’s Rudi Just Dropped A New Song — & It Could Easily Be About Matt

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Rudi (just Rudi) may not have had a chance to sing in the Listen To Your Heart finale, but she's dropped her own music since the show's release for all her fans to listen to and overanalyze. For example, Rudi's new song "Hate LA" has a lot of lyrics that could be about her lost love with Matt Ranaudo — who dumped her early in the finale preventing her from getting a chance to perform at the end. 
It was clear for much of their relationship that Rudi was more invested than Matt was. She told him she was falling for him and he responded that she was courageous for sharing her feelings. Ouch. It's not that Matt didn't care about her, he just wasn't able to speed their relationship up to the level where the other couples were just because Chris Harrison said it was time to do that. Rudi was pretty crushed by the breakup and her exit from the show, but she's bounced back in the real world, even dropping two new singles since the show finished filming in February.
"Hate LA" is her newest song and it's all about a love she lost in Los Angeles that's now preventing her from being able to see the city in the same light as before.
It's worth noting that Listen To Your Heart filmed a majority of its episodes on L.A. The song could well be about Matt even though he technically broke Rudi's heart in Nashville. Sample lyrics include "Drive around this city and all I see is you / Used to love this city now it just makes me blue / 'Cause I see your eyes in Hollywood, your smile in Malibu /I feel you in the passenger seat, driving without you." She adds, "I used to have love for this city, now I don’t think I can stay / 'Cause it don't look the same since you left me and now I hate LA." 
Matt did leave her and their memories are based mostly in L.A. This line also sounds like Rudi is singing about a recent relationship that she hasn't been able to get over yet: "I'm stuck in the past and I'm trying to let go  / hear your voice like an echo." It probably doesn't help the moving on process to have to watch your relationship back week to week on TV.
However, there's one giant wrench in this theory: Rudi lives in Los Angeles and didn't do a whole lot of driving around with Matt, as the lyrics say. They were sequestered in that brand new Bachelor Mansion. If you really look at it, the song could be about any of her past relationships — and who knows when the lyrics were actually written?
Still, her other recent single "Smile" contains a few lines that could speak to her past with Matt, as well.
The lyrics go: "I'm trying to convince myself we didn't lose love on the way / That we just never really had it there / but it breaks my heart to say that we did and I loved you." She also sang that she was "still sitting here writing songs about you, I miss you" but that she could "smile 'cause at least I loved you for a while." One fan commented on the "Smile" release post on Rudi's Instagram, "If this song is about Matt… it's on another level completely and I'm officially heartbroken too."
But even if both the haunting melodies were about Matt, there doesn't seem to be a ton of angst between the duo after the show. Matt even liked the post about "Smile" and they frequently write Instagram captions about each other and like each other's posts. It's not the same as a confirmed, bona fide relationship, but it does at least seem that Rudi isn't still reeling from Matt's actions in Nashville. She seems to have turned any pain she felt into music — or at the very least, a platform for releasing music. Get it, Rudi.
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