Your Horoscope This Week

We're vibrating on a higher collective frequency on Sunday, as the Sun creates a trine with bountiful Jupiter in retrograde. We can enjoy a shared spirit of positivity during this transit, and are encouraged to create abundance in our lives, and in the lives of others. On Wednesday, material Venus in retrograde forms a square against dreamy Neptune. This transit can fuel feelings of self doubt, and cause us to mistakenly place lovers on a pedestal. We’ll have to remember that feelings are not facts as these planets clash against each other. We're ready to expand our thinking starting Wednesday, as the Sun makes his way into inquisitive Gemini. This transit sharpens our wit, encouraging us to explore new subjects to sate our curiosities. We’ll also feel pulled to reach out to friends and reconnect with people who inspire us. We could revisit old relationships on Friday, when messenger Mercury forms a conjunction with a retrograde Venus. Ex-lovers might pop up during this time, so we’ll have to practise our boundaries. On Friday, the Sun forms a trine with taskmaster Saturn. We’re able to discipline ourselves more easily, giving us the energy we need to work toward a big-picture project. Chatty Mercury forms a square against imaginative Neptune on Friday too, making it a day to keep communication simple and straightforward. The Moon begins a new cycle in Gemini on Friday at 1:38 p.m. EST, creating a favourable trine with disciplined Saturn. It's time to take small steps towards creating a better world. 

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