Starbucks Recipes You Can Recreate At Home, According To The Internet

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
If we had to guess, homemade versions of Starbucks classics are about as old as the Frappuccino itself. Sometimes, you simply can't haul it to your local Starbucks when you're craving your usual drink and the urgency of honoring shelter-in-place orders makes it harder to justify daily coffee runs.
All over the internet, the love of Starbucks runs deep, but what makes the online Starbucks community unique is how the baristas, partners, and customers all share the same spaces online. TikTok, in particular, has given rise to an entire class of barista influencers. These baristas take on secret menu challenges, make jokes about difficult customers, and share behind-the-scenes footage of how some of the most popular menu items are crafted.
So it's no surprise that TikTok is teeming with easy-to-follow Starbucks-inspired recipes. If you're looking to give one of your many Starbucks tumblers some use or if you have access to Starbucks' suite of grocery store products, these are the recipes you need to round out your experience.
Before you start, some items worth making sure you have if you plan on doing this regularly: vanilla syrup, chocolate syrup, ground coffee, caramel drizzle, milk, white sugar, fresh strawberries, ice cubes, and maybe some flavoured creamers. Starbucks baristas also suggest you liven up your regular homemade coffee with cinnamon (when you roast), honey (instead of sugar), or sweetened condensed milk (instead of creamer). Ahead you'll find TikToks full of hacks, recipes, and viral drinks you can easily recreate at home.

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