HBO Just Made Some Of Their Best Shows Free, Including Succession and Veep

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.

In a world where pretty much everyone has their own streaming service (Disney+! Apple TV+! Probably Sephora TV+ at some point in the future!), HBO wants to remind you who your first love was in the premium content game.
In this time of social distancing, HBO is treating homebound viewers to tons of free content with their #StayAtHomeBoxOffice initiative — and it includes some of HBO’s very best programs. No subscription is required for hours of programming. From jaw-dropping documentaries to funny and poignant feature films to bingeable TV series, HBO is giving you the option of doing nothing but cozying up on your couch to watch.
If you got kicked off your ex’s HBO Go account a long time ago, this is a very good thing. After all, isn’t it time you related to your parents by finally watching The Sopranos? HBO is here to bridge the generation gap once and for all, starting April 3. 
Here are just some of the best options available. No judgments if you plow through these quickly, we’ve got lots of time.

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