Where We Last Saw Our Dear, Sweet Freeridge Teens In On My Block Season 2

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The Core Four are back in On My Block season 3, but after what they went through in season 2 who knows if they're gonna stay together or not. Monse (Sierra Capri), for one, is ready to split, but this is a TV show, so fate might not let her. But it's been a while since everything went down, so if you're not quite sure you remember why we are where we are now, let's recap where we left on with On My Block.
Season 2 ended in a good old-fashioned cliffhanger that came out of nowhere (in a good way) as Monse, Jamal (Brett Gray), Ruby (Jason Genao), and Cesar (Diego Tinoco) were all kidnapped by unseen assailants in the final moments of Chapter 20. Monse was just about to leave the dangers of Freeridge and her childhood BFFs behind for a private all-girls school, but it seems like that won't be happening any time soon.
Truly so much happened this past season. There was Ruby's older brother and his white girlfriend. Latrelle and his gang were arrested, which pretty much means the end of the Prophet gang. The kids found the RollerWorld money in season 1, then laundered the RollerWorld money in season 2, and then spent the RollerWorld money to get Cesar out of trouble and frame the Prophets. Jasmine became less of an annoying neighbour and more of a friend. Oh, and Ruby's abuelita continued to be the best.
But even that is just a lot of information, so here are some of the other major plot points to keep in mind before On My Block returns with season 3.

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