Everyone Who’s Been Unmasked On The Masked Singer Season 3

Photo: Courtesy of Fox.
The third season of The Masked Singer aired just four episodes when two Grammy-award winning artists were unmasked. Thanks to the group system debuted in season 3, we have yet to meet six of the contestants. Just can imagine the other big-name celebs who are still to be be revealed this season!
The Masked Singer clues have been trickier and much more subtle this season, causing the panel to seriously struggle when guessing who is behind each mask. While the Group A contestants were pretty easy to determine, the recently introduced masked singers in Group B have left the panel and Twitter puzzled. Surely, the show is saving the best for last and Group C will be even more difficult to decipher. The incorrect theories have included Shaun White (multiple times), Jack Black, and Flavor Flav. With guesses like that, it’s no surprise that, so far, three out of the four celebrities revealed on The Masked Singer weren’t even on the panel’s radar. 
As the weeks go by, we will be keeping track of everyone who has been unmasked and their biggest hint during their time on the show. Click through to see who has been revealed so far and check back each week to see who else has finished their anonymous stint on The Masked Singer.

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