This New Rumour About The Next Bachelorette Could Fix This Season’s Biggest Problem

Photo: Paul Hebert/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images.
Peter Weber hasn’t finished his run on The Bachelor, but the dating franchise is already actively working on the anticipated follow-up to his tumultuous season of the show. Given the array of women from which Peter whittled down to his current final three, I think it’s fair to say that Bachelor Nation isn’t thrilled about the possibility of any of his contestants starting their own journey as the Bachelorette. However, a new but familiar name has popped up as a frontrunner for next season, and she might be the solution to the show's most pressing problem.
Amidst a cloud of gossip surrounding the secret identity of our next Bachelorette, a new random rumour appeared to confirm Clare Crawley as the woman chosen to take up the mantle. Resident Bachelor Nation spoiler Reality Steve shared a screenshot of the tea, originally posted in a Bachelor Facebook group, on his Twitter account:
"CLARE CRAWLEY IS OFFICIALLY GOING TO BE THE BACHELORETTE!" posted an excited fan on Facebook. "They're going to surprise her with the news on Ellen show next week and they start filming in 2 weeks."
Apparently, added the insider, the show's production team is scrambling to figure out where our unconfirmed Bachelorette will be taking her beaus amidst the coronavirus panic spreading around the world. Who would've thought that an epidemic could play such a huge role in someone's love life?
We first met Clare in 2014 when she competed for the love and affection of one Juan Pablo Galavis, a.k.a., the worst Bachelor in the show’s 18 years on the air. Clare didn’t walk away with Juan Pablo’s final rose — talk about dodging a bullet — so she headed to Mexico for the inaugural season of Bachelor in Paradise shortly after. She returned for another unsuccessful stint on another season of Paradise before booking it to Vermont for The Bachelor Winter Games.
While she seems like a random choice, Clare could be the remedy to one of the show's most glaring issues. For weeks, we've watched current Bachelor Peter flounder at every turn, manipulatively searching for validation by way of tears and emotional outbursts. Although he says that he wants to walk away from this show an engaged man, Peter's actions say the exact opposite; why else would he continue a relationship with the walking red flag that is Victoria Fuller? It's clear to all of us watching at home: Peter isn't ready to be anybody's husband.
Peter's pool of potential soul mates isn't much better. Like him, many of the women claimed that they were looking for a husband, but instead of engaging with honest and vulnerable adult conversations with the man, they spent so much of their time fighting amongst themselves. Only two women seem genuinely interested in marrying Peter, and they're both 22. Imagine getting engaged to a guy who just broke up with his 20 other girlfriends after three months of dating at the height of your young adult life. Can't relate.
To put it very kindly, the maturity level for most of the people on this season was unbelievably low.
Enter Clare. If she is our next Bachelorette, we might finally be blessed with a group of men who sign onto the show to fulfill its premise: finding and marrying their true love. At 38, Clare is a grown woman, and when you're grown, the last thing you want to do when it comes to your love life is play around. Any man who steps to Clare has to have the right energy to prove through actions and words that he is the one. No games, no manipulating.
In addition to being older and wiser, Clare clearly believes in the premise of The Bachelorette. She's appeared in the franchise's many spinoffs a number of times and even got engaged to fellow Bachelor alum Benoit Beauséjour-Savard — this is a woman who believes in love and feels like she can find it The Bachelor.
Reality Steve agrees. If this theory holds water, Clare could be just the reset that we need.
"This show is all about who has a story they can sell to their audience," Reality Steve tweeted. "And Clare no doubt has a story."
Thankfully, it's a story that we wouldn't mind seeing play out onscreen.

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