The New Moon Is In Pisces, & We’ve Got Love On Our Minds

Photo: Kamilpetran/Shutterstock.
Although we can’t see it, we know it’s there. No, we’re not talking about love. We’re talking about the new moon, which rises in Pisces on February 23. In astrology, new moons are a time for new beginnings and introspection. They're also a time to start planning ahead, particularly for the next six months, until the full moon rises in the same sign and completes our journey. (For Pisces, that will happen on September 2)
In astrology, the sign of the Fish is known for strong emotions, intuition, and creativity. While the new moon is in this sign, we’ll be feeling these energies. Plus, they’ll be amplified by the positions of the other planets, particularly Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury.
“The day may be met with intense emotional energy when Jupiter and Venus square off,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust. In a square, two planets are three signs apart from each other, and their energies work against each other, causing tension.
Also during this new moon, “love and money will be on our minds, as we are thinking and deciding about what we want to commit to,” Stardust adds. 
But before you make any big decisions, keep in mind that Mercury will be in retrograde during this new moon, messing up our contracts, our communication, and our technology.  “Before you commit, understand that Mercury is retrograde, and feelings may change as a result,” Stardust says.
So although you might be tempted to DTR, it might be better take a beat to reflect until Mercury goes direct on March 9. “It’s important to manifest old goals during this new moon, or commit to a past idea in order to keep the celestial vibe in flow with the retrograde,” Stardust says.

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