Who’s Who In The Cast Of Disney+’s Diary Of A Future President

Photo: Courtesy of Disney+.
Disney+ has entered the new year with Diary of a Future President, a cute series about a young girl who grows up to hold the most powerful office in the country. The show centres around pre-teen Elena (Tess Romero) and her family living in Miami. And while the premise calls for some exciting young newcomers, there are some familiar faces in the cast of Diary of a Future President as well.
We don't have to worry about how stressful her campaign must have been, though: Elena is already President in the future (where she's played by Gina Rodriguez), and the majority of the series is a flashback to middle school. The most thing stressful about Diary of a Future President is stuff like talking to your crush and asking to borrow a tampon. That is plenty stressful, don't get me wrong, but not in a way that reminds you of the upcoming election.
The show may centre around the family, but there are a few recurring characters filling out that world. Like Camila, for example, a friend of Elena's mom who is hiding her girlfriend from her own family. She's played by Jessica Marie Garcia (On My Block, How To Get Away With Murder, Liv & Maddie). She isn't the first LGBT character on a Disney+ series, which is promising considering it's a new platform.
As for the major players, however, here are the actors bringing this story to life.

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