If You're Broke, Gift Your Partner A Love Coupon

Illustrated by: Tristan Offit.
Relationship and love coupons are the perfect gift to give your partner when you’re broke, or totally forgot to get a gift. Unfortunately, the only relationship coupons we’ve seen tend to be pretty lame or bizarre. You know, things like “Good For One Free Cuddle,” as if you usually charge money to touch your loved one. Or ,“Good For One Breakfast In Bed,” which isn’t much of a gift as it is a death wish (do you know how dangerous it is to eat while lying down?). “Good For One Guilt-Free Night Out With Your Friends” isn’t really sweet, it’s controlling. Are you giving this to your partner or your child?
Lucky for you, we've got a collection of non-lame, fun, and actually useful "coupons" for you to print, share, and enjoy with your partner. If you don’t have the time or resources to get a gift, or just want to add a fun touch to a gift you’re already giving, see if one of these might work well for your boo. (Or hey, send these to your partner if you think you deserve one of these. A little holiday gift hinting never hurt anybody.)

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