No One, Not Even J.Lo, Can Deny The Mysterious Draw Of Pete Davidson’s Chad

Photo: Rosalind O'Connor/NBC.
Everyone who has ever wondered how Pete Davidson charmed girlfriends from Ariana Grande to Kate Beckinsale might now have some answers, thanks to Saturday Night Live. In a sketch on last night’s episode, host Jennifer Lopez fell in love at first sight with Davidson’s recurring character (and apparently now a roadie) Chad.
In the skit, Lopez is wrapping up a performance when she finds herself alone on stage with Chad, who appears to have no idea who she was. “Did you hear me singing? Did you like what you heard?” she asks. When he says he didn’t, she swoons. “God,” she says. “That is so refreshing.”
What follows are two minutes of Lopez trying to confess her feelings to Chad, who farts, burps, and says a total of about four words. Ah, modern hetero dating. Of course, Lopez is conflicted about her attraction to Chad — she is engaged to Alex Rodriguez, after all, who gets several shout-outs throughout the episode. When A-Rod himself shows up with flowers, Lopez has no choice but to leave Chad and chase after her fiancé.
Chad was first introduced in 2016 as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ pool boy (and lover). Since then, he has accidentally seduced many of SNL’s hosts, including Jessica Chastain and Saoirse Ronan. Though Chad’s vocabulary is certainly more limited than Davidson’s, the two have one thing in common: a mysterious charm that women like Davidson’s current girlfriend, Kaia Gerber, just can’t resist.
Last night marked Lopez’s third time as an SNL host. In her monologue, she discussed her upcoming Super Bowl performance, iconic green Versace gown, and engagement to Rodriguez.
“I got what every girl from the Bronx dreams of,” she said. “Getting proposed to by a Yankee.”

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