The First Look At Netflix’s Selena: The Series Is Finally Here

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
In 2018, Netflix announced that its lineup of new original content would include a series based on the personal and professional journey of Selena Quintanilla, one of the most beloved singers in Latin music history. Today, the entertainment service released a special teaser for Selena: The Series, giving us our first look at the long-awaited, highly debated show. Finally, we get to meet the actress who will be taking on the role of the late Tejano icon: Christian Serratos.
Selena: The Series will take us back to the singer’s Corpus Christi roots, focusing on her early days of performing at local South Texas venues with her brother and sisters. Serratos, who audiences may remember from The Walking Dead and Twilight, will play the award-winning singer; she even dons Quintanilla’s trademark red lipstick and sexy purple jumpsuit in the teaser.
Nearly 25 years after her heartbreaking death, Quintanilla is still regarded as a maverick of Latin music, with hits like “Como la Flor” and “I Could Fall in Love” breaking the glass ceiling of the industry. Her celebrated discography fuses traditional Tejano sounds with contemporary r&b, country, and even disco, opening the door for the Latin performers that would debut after her.
It’s no surprise, then, that the singer's fanbase was initially wary of visiting her origin story once again; the 1997 biopic Selena starring Jennifer Lopez is considered by many to be the best and most accurate depiction of Quintanilla’s life. However, because the Quintanilla family is deeply involved with the development and production of the Netflix series (her sister Suzette even serves as an executive producer on the show), fans can rest assured that Selena: The Series will honour her legacy.
Though an exact streaming date has yet to be announced, Netflix's tweet states that part one of the television show airs in 2020. No word on whether Quintanilla's complicated love story with songwriter and guitarist Christ Perez or her tragic murder at the hands of manager Yolanda Saldívar will be part of the first season's storyline — you'll just have to tune in to find out.

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