SNL Sticks It To The Man With A Music Video Based On These Real Rock Stars

Photo: Dominique Russo/NBC.
Saturday Night Live wants to stick it to the man. That is, unless the man tells them they have management potential and wants to give them an opportunity for career advancement.
With Kristen Stewart hosting, SNL takes us back to the mid-2000s with the help of some punk musicians who all look very familiar. Stewart dons a flaming wig and does her best impression of Paramore’s lead singer, Hayley Williams. Kyle Mooney embodies corporate disdain looking like the spitting image of Mike Dirnt from Green Day. Mikey Day is Tom DeLonge from Blink-182, black eyeliner and all. And Pete Davidson is...Pete Davidson?
As they all sit at their desks, clearly unmotivated to do their jobs, their manager walks by and reprimands Mooney for having his lip ring in at work. Naturally, this inspires them to sing about their dislike of 9 to 5 jobs, corporate bureaucracy, and societal rules that dictate what makes a successful adult. “I ain’t no corporate worker bee,” Stewart sings in front of a PowerPoint presentation as they make their case.
These are no office drones; they would much rather rock — at least, until they get promotions. When their manager starts to recognize their potential, they literally change their Sum 41-inspired tune to something much more corporate friendly. At first, their boss was “sitting on his ass all day,” and now he’s “doing good work for the company.” Soon enough, the potential for advancement comes for them all and their need to rebel disappears.
No doubt, we will be revisiting some of our favourite bands from middle and high school after watching this. While we love the throwback to a more rebellious time and the music from our teen years, we can’t help but wonder: why is Pete Davidson dressed up as himself?

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