Is Taylor Swift's Most Brutal Breakup Track About Calvin Harris?

Photo: Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/Getty Images.
Taylor Swift has written plenty of breakup songs in her day, but perhaps none quite as brutal as her latest off of her seventh album Lover. Instead of waxing poetic about love lost, she's reminding her a one-time beau that she doesn't even remember them at all. One person fans will likely guess is the subject? Swift's ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris.
Swift's song is about how she was once heartbroken over a past relationship, but now can barely remember the "clear message" and "hard lessons" that they sent her."It's not love, it's not hate, it's just indifference," Swift sings, with a giggle.
She also says that her beef with this unnamed person started when he tore her down at her most vulnerable. "I forgot that you got out some popcorn as soon as my rep started going down, down/Laughed on the school yard when I tripped on the ground, ground," Swift recalls, adding: "And I would have stuck around oh yeah, would have fought the whole town, oh yeah/Would have been right there, front row, even if nobody came to your show." Here, it's implied that while Swift was a supportive partner, even going to all her performer exes' shows (Harris is obviously a performer), she felt that he "got out some popcorn" to watch her public downfall (likely with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, which happened a few months before Harris and Swift's ultimate split), finding amusement in her struggles.
Swift's relationship with Harris was her most public at the time — until the whole whirlwind, jet-setting romance with Tom Hiddleston, that is — and when the pair split up in mid-2017, things turned sour. Harris lashed out at Swift on Twitter after Swift revealed she co-wrote his track "This Is What You Came For," seemingly took Katy Perry's side in their since-buried feud, and shut down any hope for him and Swift to be amicable exes. He later apologized for his comments to GQ U.K., but that doesn't mean a song about him couldn't go on an album. Just saying!
If this song is about Harris, then there's one thing that's obvious here: She's very much over that relationship. Considering that the rest of Lover is basically an ode to her current "London boy" love, Joe Alwyn, I think it's safe to say that all exes — Harris and whoever else — are in her rearview mirror.

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