Who Are The BH90210 Cast's Real Life Partners? (Hint: No One On The New Reboot)

Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images.
By now, you’ve probably seen the first episode of BH90210, Fox’s super-meta kind-of-reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210. In the new show, most of the real-life cast of the original Beverly Hills 90210 play heightened versions of themselves as the actors come together to orchestrate a reboot of... Beverly Hills, 90210. It's like Curb Your Enthusiasm for '90s nostalgia, minus the Larry David-style humour.
Even though the cast is playing themselves and some of their characterizations are inspired by their real lives and relationships, key details are certainly different, particularly when it comes to their relationships and families. Chief among these changes is the fact that none of the actors' real-life partners are playing their partners on the show — which is handy since the storyline finds a few of these former co-workers getting a little steamy with each other.
But with the reality show feel, and the whole cast enjoying fictionalized love lives in the show, BH90210 probably has fans' wheels turning and reaching for whatever nostalgia-tinged celeb gossip they can find. Who's actually married to these '90s actors in real life? Well, we’re so glad you asked! (Spoiler: None of them are single and none of them are dating each other. Sorry!)

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