Peter Allegedly Broke Up With His Girlfriend To Be On The Bachelorette — But Is It A Scandal?

PHoto: Courtesy of ABC.
Not long after The Bachelorette's Jed was exposed by his ex-girlfriend for allegedly dating her while filming the show, accusations from another contestant's ex have started floating around on Twitter and Bachelor Nation gossip blog, Reality Steve. Apparently, everyone's favourite sweetheart, pilot Peter Weber, broke up with his girlfriend to go on the show, meaning he would have applied when the two were still dating.
However, this is the most unofficial of all rumours, especially because the ex apparently asked Reality Steve not to run her interview after witnessing the backlash to Jed's ex Haley Stevens, but it's still caused some waves. Fans are commenting on Peter's social media about the alleged ex, putting him in the same box as Jed when, dare I say, they're not the same thing?
Of course, if further allegations about this rumoured pre-Bachelorette relationship come out, then cancel Peter all you want. But to write off any contestant who was dating someone before going on the show? That might be too high of a standard — especially considering the fact that whoever is the Bachelor or Bachelorette was likely just dating someone extremely publicly back when they were a contestant themselves. To insist that every contestant has a barren dating history before joining the show is getting into some real Luke P. territory, and to break up with someone in order to go on The Bachelor or Bachelorette is better than, you know, not breaking up with them (cough, Jed).
Yes, things definitely get tricky when you stop to consider that Peter may have applied to be on the show while still dating his ex-girlfriend, but right now, these accusations only come from Twitter whispers. Some of the whispers do come from someone who claims to know the ex-girlfriend personally. Neither Peter nor the ex have spoken up, and therefore the details and timeline can't be confirmed. Instead, this just adds to the already messy state of The Bachelorette's spoilers this season, making viewers more sus than ever — girlfriend or no girlfriend.

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