The Refreshing Summer Manicure Trend You'll Want To Take A Bite Out Of

Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images.
Whether you usually prefer strawberries or pride yourself on being an apple-a-day kind of person, you have the admit that there's nothing more symbolic of the start of summer than slicing open a ginormous watermelon. Maybe it's the refreshing juice or the bright pink-and-green colour combo, but we crave all things watermelon from June through September: cubed in a Tupperware for a day at the beach, paired with feta — and even on our fingernails.
Fittingly, summer's cutest nail-art trend is the watermelon manicure — pink and green with itty-bitty black seeds, paying homage to the fruit of the season. If you want to get on board and bring the fresh vibes to your upcoming BBQ, consider trying watermelon nail art. From a simple accent nail to a whole fruit salad, check out every chic iteration of the watermelon manicure about to blow up on Instagram, ahead.