Meet The Freshest Way To Style Press-On Nails & Stickers

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images.
The other day, I was sorting through my collection of nails, card-deck boxes filled with different itty-bitty press-ons I've accumulated over the past year. Plenty of brands were present — Chillhouse, Olive & June, Dashing Diva, Static Nails, L.A. Nails — with different prints, abstract designs, and solid-colour options to choose from.
But, instead of pulling ten individual nails from one box, I considered the trend I had recently 'Saved' on Instagram: Mixing and matching all of my sets together. Specifically, I was inspired by Deja Foxx, a model, influencer, and a fellow Chillhouse fan, who had thrown a few different designs into one manicure.
Shortly thereafter, I noticed Chillhouse founder Cyndi Ramirez was also mixing and matching her brand's designs. While she didn't set out with the intent of designing press-on nails to be be mixed and matched, she understands how the concept has taken off, especially given that press-ons are super trendy right now. "Our designs are complementary and we have so many die-hard fans who shop every single set when they launch," Ramirez explains. "It was only a matter of time until we started seeing some creative takes on our tips."
I asked Ramirez how she'd recommend approaching a mix-and-match manicure design (as I'm a first-timer doing this at home). For a custom collection, Ramirez recommends stripes like That 70's Chill, swirls like Discoteca, and modern French tips similar to Going to the Barre, all styled together, which she says is "such a vibe." But, really, the options really are endless. If you have even just two sets of press-ons nails at home — stickers, nail wraps, sparkly semi-cured gels — pair them together. Ramirez adds her own reminder: "Don't overthink, just have fun with it!" Sometimes the coolest nail designs are born in the moment. Plus, you can always peel them off and try again.
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