The Best Style & Beauty Box Subscriptions You Can Actually Get In Canada

Insta is littered with envy-inducing videos of people opening their monthly subscription boxes jammed full of beauty and fashion goodies. It’s like Christmas every day! Except you pay for it! Yourself!
The box craze has taken off huge in the States, but so many of the ones you hear about like Birchbox, PLAY! by Sephora, and the Allure Beauty Box either aren’t available to Canadians or come with a buyer-beware clause due to unpredictable duties or delays at the border.
Here are four style and beauty subscription boxes that you can actually get without having to argue with any mean customs officers.
Photo: Courtesy of Frank and Oak

Frank And Oak Subscription: For Next-Level Basics

The Frank And Oak Style Plan is a monthly clothing box of elevated basics — think denim in cool colours and cuts, high-quality T’s and ethically produced accessories. The Montreal-based brand also has IRL stores across the country, but for those of us who are too lazy to brave a mall, overwhelmed by the number of options available online, or just stuck in a style rut, this could be the box for you.
Described as “the Netflix of clothing,” you set up your profile by taking a quiz that asks you a lot of questions about your lewk and lifestyle, along with entering basic info like your maximum budget for given items (ie. the most you’d be willing to spend for a t-shirt, shoes, etc), your size, and if you hate paisley (hell yes). They’ll then pick up to three items to send each month — you get to preview your box beforehand and have 48 hours to remove anything you don’t like.
Once you’ve received the goods, you can return the items you’re not into with prepaid shipping within 7 days or at a bricks and mortar store within 30 days. Upside? You might end up trying something you wouldn’t normally pick for yourself, and if you’re a Style Plan member you get 20% off all items all the time. Downside? If you send back the entire box, it’s subject to a $25 styling fee, and the pants only go up to a 31” waist.
Frank And Oak Style Plan, price varies depending what you keep, available at Frank And Oak.
Photo: Courtesy of The Maple Box

The Maple Box: For A Dose Of Canadian Wellness

This B.C.-born box is all about “True North organic luxury,” which means it’s chock full of mostly Canadian nature-inspired goodies along with a copy of Maple magazine. Not strictly a fashion or beauty box, The Maple Box is more of a wellness buffet. For instance, the Get Cozy Winter Wellness edition included things like Dr.Hauschka hand cream, a scented candle, and fancy hot chocolate. Once a season you’ll get a box stuffed with a curated collection of seven to 10 natural and organic products valued at $160 to $190. Everything is ethically sourced and cruelty-free, but not strictly vegan because they allow things like beeswax. Shipping is free, and if you get your first box and hate it (you won’t!), you can return it and cancel your subscription.
The Maple Box, $98.00, available at The Maple Box.
Photo: Courtesy of The Detox Market

The Detox Box: For Natural-Beauty Junkies

The monthly box from cult-y green-beauty boutique The Detox Market is a natural-beauty and wellness lover’s dream. Each delivery shines a spotlight on products from one of their too-cool-for-school brands like Pai Skincare, W3LL People, and Agent Nateur, sometimes at a fraction of their usual price. The products inside are always valued at at least $110, and often more. For instance, the W3LL People haul included Bio Baked Bronzer Powder, Bio Brightener Loose Powder, Expressionist Mascara, Luminaria Eyeshadow, Optimist Lipstick, and a Kabuki Brush— a total value of $197. You also earn “Detox points” to spend on regular items with every shipment. Shipping is included, but there’s no refunds or exchanges on items.
The Detox Box, from $57.99 for six months, available at The Detox Market.
Photo: Courtesy of Lole

The Lolë Box: For Fitness Freaks

There’s nothing more depressing than finally deciding to haul your lame ass to the gym and discovering you only have one gross grey t-shirt and a pair of stretched-out leggings to wear. The Montreal-born Lolë Box solves this problem with regular shipments of fresh workout gear. You fill out a questionnaire about your fitness life (Tennis? Yoga? Running? Mostly sitting?), your sizes, and even the areas on your bod you like to hide. The brand’s stylists put together a box of seven goodies: a combo of workout tops, sports bras, leggings, loungewear, and accessories.
You get two weeks to try stuff on and you can return anything you don’t like for free. (You can also exchange at a bricks and mortar store, but there aren’t that many of them outside of Quebec.) You’re always charged a $25 styling fee, but it’s credited towards your purchase if you keep anything, and if you spend $250 or more you get a 20% discount on your entire purchase. You can sign up for monthly, bimonthly, or even once-every-three-months subscriptions.
The Lolë Box, price varies depending what you keep, available at Lolë.

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