The Best Travel-Sized Beauty Products — Now All You Need Is A Vacation

Hate packing? Join the club. The only thing we hate more than packing clothes (an outwardly simple act of folding shirts, pants, socks, etcetera into a suitcase) is having to downsize a comprehensive 10-step beauty routine into something that won't get tossed at airport security. Which serums do we choose? Will our jars of hair masks fit?! Which eyeshadow palette is worthy?!?
Relax. Breathe. We've got a solution that makes this process a little less emotionally scarring: Ditch the full-sized products for minis. Not only are they adorably sized, but they leave some space in your makeup bag for even more stuff.
To make it even easier, we rounded up the bite-size beauty products that'll slide into your carry-on luggage and ensure you look your best, no matter where you're travelling. Feel that stress headache fading already...

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