Everyone Exhale — We Have Proof Ghost Is Alive In The Next Episode Of Game Of Thrones

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Sunday night's Game Of Thrones hit us with a number of heartbreaking character deaths, but there's one I simply wouldn't be able to handle: Ghost. Jon Snow's (Kit Harington) direwolf is one of the only remaining Stark wolves out there, and the only one who is still by his owner's side. He's the number one good boy, going as far as to charge straight into the sea of wights despite the fact the he can't hold a sword. However, that was the last we saw of our furry friend in the episode. Despite the many twists and turns that went down, there was one question that plagued fans the most: Where is Ghost? Luckily, the trailer for episode four has the answer.
We didn't get to see Ghost in action on the battlefield, and we never saw him safe and sound with any of the Starks at the end. Surely, Game Of Thrones wouldn't kill off such a beloved character without, y'know, telling us. But also, maybe it would?
Memes quickly took over Twitter.
But worry no more, and take a close look at the trailer for the fourth episode of of the season. In a shot of the remaining residents of Winterfell, a furry friend can be seen in the crowd:
Ghost lives! Ghost lives! Ghost lives!
Listen, I don't know how a dog could survive a battle against the literal undead without a weapon. Even with a weapon, he doesn't have thumbs. But maybe wights just aren't really interested in killing anything but humans? If that's the case, then Ghost definitely had an upper hand. But I would never question the survival of my sweet boy. I'm just happy he lives to fight another battle: the Last War. In the end, I think we can all agree it should be Ghost on the Iron Throne.

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