A Body Language Expert Analyzed Jon & Daenerys' Complicated Relationship

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) may be one of the most complicated couples in history. Once we got past all that bend-the-knee business, they seemed perfectly poised to lead the north to victory under Daenerys' rule. Then, season 8 arrived. Not only has Jon finally learned the true nature of his parentage, which gives him a claim to the Iron Throne, but he's informed Daenerys of that little wrench in her grand plan. Now she's faced with two harsh realities: she's not the ruler of the seven kingdoms, and also she's been sleeping with her nephew. One of those concerns her more than the other, and it's not the one you think.
Before we see how the couple handles this new bit of information, it's worth looking back on how hard they worked to get here. Susan Constantine, body language expert and president of The Human Behavior Lab, took a look at some of the big moments between the two characters over the past season or so and was able to glean a lot of interesting information about their dynamic. Spoiler: Dany may not be as ready as she thinks she is to go up against Jon Snow.
Ahead, take a look at how their relationship has changed over the episodes, and where we're at before season 8 returns for episode 3 this Sunday.

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