Were Their Game Of Thrones Sex Scenes What Made Rose Leslie Fall For Kit Harington?

Photo: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP/Shutterstock.
Before Rose Leslie and Kit Harington were a couple off-screen, they were a couple on-screen in the show that made both of their careers, Game of Thrones. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Leslie revealed one of the many ways Harington was amazing to work with on set and we can’t help but wonder if it contributed to their marriage last year.
If you ask an actor about what it’s like to film a sex scene, one of the words they will inevitably use is awkward. Even if they know their co-stars really well, it is a vulnerable position to be in. "He was very considerate and made sure as much as possible that I didn’t feel awkward standing in front of people with your tits out," Leslie told EW, making light of the notorious cave scene in season 3. According to a 2016 interview with Vogue Italia, Harington and Leslie began dating while filming the second season of Game of Thrones in Iceland. So, by the time they were filming that scene in season 3, they were already a couple.
What did Harington do to make sure that his co-star felt at ease during filming? Two things: communication and consideration. Leslie said Harington went out of his way to make sure she was comfortable no matter how they were positioned. She went on to reveal that the two of them had conversations about boundaries before filming. “He would always then turn around when they called cut and the lovely wardrobe dailies would come in with a dressing gown, and then I would be covered. And only then would notes be spoken to us from the director,” Leslie explained.
Communication and consideration work well on set, but they also happen to work extremely well in a relationship.

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