What Do The New Game of Thrones Opening Credits Mean?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It finally happened. The moment we've all been waiting for arrived and Game of Thrones is back after nearly two years, and some of that time was spent animating a new intro for Game of Thrones Season 8. While the familiar theme song still plays (it’s forever a bop) and the camera still zooms over a map with important buildings and locations (old and new) that are integral to the seasons' plot popping up, there were not just several new spots edited into the previous seasons' intros. For season 8, the opening credits are completely and totally new. Not only that, but the details that the creators added in could even be considered hints for how Game of Thrones may end. Here's what we're thinking:
The Wall Has A Big Ol' Hole & Winter Is Here
Last season The Night King burned a hole in The Wall with his re-animated ice dragon Viserion. In the intro, the broken wall is featured at the start of the theme. There’s also animated ice shown advancing past the wall and into Westeros, much like the White Walker army is attempting in the show. Based on the intro, they will succeed in conquering quickly, as the ice overtakes Last Hearth in the intro very quickly.
The Winterfell Crypts Get A Focus
These lie beneath Winterfell and house the Stark family tombs. Perhaps Jon Snow’s true parentage (his mother is Lyanna Stark) will be revealed thanks to these crypts. Or maybe part of the impending battle will take place there. Either way, look for these tunnels to be important this season.
Three Dragon Heads Are Shown In King’s Landing
During the King’s Landing portion of the map, three dragon heads are shown moments before the Iron Throne is shown. Of course, there are dragon skulls in King’s Landing already, but maybe this image was also a hint at Daenerys’ eventual rule since she famously started this journey with three dragons.
The Iron Throne Is The Ultimate Focus
Even though this whole show has been about the game to win the throne, the iron seat didn’t actually show up in the original intro. But the throne is the final image in this intro, highlighting what the ultimate Season 8 prize will be. And maybe, something else too...
The Sigil Above The Iron Throne Is Currently A Lannister One
Hanging above the throne was the Lannister sigil. Perhaps that will change if Cersei loses power? We'd bet big that viewers should keep an eye on the throne portion of the credits each week as this battle (and season 8) rages on.
Nothing in Game of Thrones is put there by accident, so yes, there are clues everywhere — including this new intro.

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